After a bad season for crops, but plenty of ground cover and feed available and the desire to add diversity to the farm it was decided to bring in free range laying hens. With Spring Plains Demeter bio-dynamic farm deciding to move on, an opportunity arose to move their operation to Powlett Hill.

Our Girls

The Lohmann and Isla brown hens live in up to 4 groups of approximately 600 chooks with movable sheds, that provide laying boxes, roosts, water and protection from the hot sun, wind and rain. The sheds along with the chooks are slowly moved around the bio-dynamic cropping paddocks and grazing pastures of Powlett Hill.


Our laying chooks are feed whole wheat, bran from our flour mill, seaweed meal and shell grit, all separate and free choice, as well as being pasture raised and moved on regular basis to allow good access to bugs, worms etc.

The Farm

Chicks are purchased as day olds so that the first food they receive is certified Demeter bio-dynamic. The chicks are raised in a brooder shed until old enough to forage. At approximately 3 weeks of age the chicks are given access to pastures in a predator proof pen that is also able to be moved around, until ready for the larger shed and open paddock.


Chicks are grown their own special little crops to ensure a good diversity of fresh green pick to forage.  Chicks are fed a mix feed prepared onsite. The mix includes, rolled oats, wheat, peas, linseed, sunflower, barley and cod liver oil.


For predator control out in the paddocks there are Maremma dogs that are bonded with the chooks to guard them. Movable electric fence netting is also used when required for extra protection.

We do not feed our hens anything artificial to change the yolk colour. Chooks are omnivores and free to forage, scratch and have dust baths as desired, showing their individual quirky personalities.


No debeeking is performed, no chemical are used on the property or the chooks, no GMO is grown or fed out to chooks and no artificial lighting

is used.


The stocking density of our chooks will vary depending on the pastures, season and desired effect on soil required as chooks are rotated.


Our approximate number are 50 chooks

per hectare.


We hope you enjoy our eggs!

Bio-Dynamics is an

enhanced organic farming

method using soil and plant

enlivening natural

preparations, producing

clean food free of all

chemicals inputs and GMO's

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The Eggs

Due to seasonal variations and dry conditions over the summer months a lightening in yolk colour may occur although running the hens on our chicory pasture during that time seems to help.